Freeze Your Membership

Are you sure you want to freeze your membership and miss out on these awesome perks? Our local owners and staff are doing everything possible to ensure we can keep all the amenities in place following this health pandemic. If you’re able to continue your monthly dues during this time – we want to say a big thank you! Plus, we’ve got digital perks to help you continue meeting your fitness goals. Take a quick look at some of the awesome benefits you can receive by keeping your membership active!

5 Reasons to Stay Active

1: Les Mills On Demand

This premium paid service is our gift to you! Follow along with more than 800 different workouts from the comfort of your own home while you sweat with the industry’s best!

2: Just Keep Moving Workout of the Day

These daily workouts are hosted by your favorite trainers and instructors. Grab a water jug and follow along with these familiar faces!

3: Virtual Check-Ins

Get rewards for completing and logging workouts with our virtual check in program!  Earn a $10 gift card for completing 10 workouts!  Follow along with us or do your own thing…It’s all good!

4: Remote Coaching

Our training staff is active out in the community with remote coaching or in-home training.  You can request workout video recaps or movement descriptions from them at any time!

5: 50% Money Back

For every dollar spent during our temporary shut down, we will give you back 50% in the form of the Just  Move gift card you can use on Personal Training, in the pro shop or at the Juice Bar!

Still want to freeze your membership? Click here.